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Application of semight Instruments dual-channel SMU-S3022F in transistor test
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The S3022F precision power supply/measurement unit of semight Instruments is a compact, cost-effective dual channel desktop power supply/measurement unit (SMU) that can simultaneously output and measure voltage and current. These functions make S3022F an ideal choice for various IV (current and voltage) measurement tasks that require both high resolution and high precision. S3022F has a wide range of voltage (± 200 V) and current (± 3A DC and ± 10A pulse) power supply functions, excellent accuracy, 6-bit and a half display (minimum 100fA/100nV display resolution) and excellent color LCD graphical user interface (GUI). In addition, it has a variety of task based display modes, significantly improving the efficiency of testing, debugging and characterization. These characteristics make S3022F SMU a very excellent solution, especially the dual channel output, which makes it easy to accurately characterize various two port and three port devices, such as bipolar transistors.

Characterization of MOSFET Characteristics by SMU

SMU integrates current source, voltage source, ammeter and voltmeter in a single instrument, which can be easily switched between functions through LCD screen or host computer software. Unlike traditional DC power supply, SMU can independently complete IV test in four quadrants. The SMU also has various protective measures, such as voltage and current clamping, which can limit the output to ensure that the device to be tested will not be damaged. The S3022F SMU also supports ± 10A pulse output, which can prevent the device from being damaged or the test result from being abnormal due to overheating of the device to be tested. It is an ideal choice for thermal effect sensitive scenarios in the test.

The characteristic characterization of transistors mainly requires the following parameters:

MOSFET output characteristic curve

MOSFET output characteristic curve describes the relationship between drain current ID and drain source voltage VDS when gate source voltage VGS is constant

Test steps:
1. Set the grid step voltage VGS
2. Under each VGS step voltage, VDS conducts voltage scanning according to the set range
3. Record the drain source current at each VDS voltage scanning point

Threshold voltage VTH

VTH is the minimum VGS value required for drain source current greater than zero when VDS is a constant

Test steps:

1. Set the drain source voltage VDS as a specific value

2. Scan VGS within a certain range and record the drain current ID of each point in the scanning process

3. Calculate VTH value through linear fitting

Low frequency transconductance gm

The size of the gm value indicates the strength of VGS's control over ID

When MOSFET operates in constant current region and VDS is constant, the ratio of Delta ID, a small change in ID, to Delta VGS, which causes it to change, is called low-frequency transconductance. Namely:

gm=Delta ID/Delta VGS

S3022F dual channel supports synchronous triggering, and single instrument can easily and quickly complete the characterization of three port devices

S3022F single instrument can complete the characterization of three port devices

Easy and fast IV representation

S3022F supports LCD screen and upper computer software operation, and allows users to easily control through the front panel or GUI.

S3022F LCD screen interface

On the LCD operation interface, you can directly select the SMU mode, such as voltage source output, current source output, voltage measurement, current measurement, and you can also set the output amplitude and protection limit. You can easily access the configuration, scanning, advanced, trigger, system and other functional items through the shortcut button on the right.

S3022F LCD scanning setting interface

The scanning parameters can set voltage or current scanning and scanning conditions. The scanning mode can also support linear scanning, logarithmic scanning, linked list scanning, etc.

In addition to convenient and fast LCD operation, S3022F also supports upper computer GUI operation, which can be remotely operated through GUI.

S3022F GUI scan setting interface

S3022F GUI drawing interface


The precision power supply/measurement unit of Lianxun Instrument can perform IV characterization of bipolar transistors and other various devices very well. Its excellent current and voltage measurement range (100 fA/100 nV to 10 A/200 V) can ensure excellent measurement performance, enabling you to test devices more accurately and easily than ever before.

The Lianxun SMU series includes:


Semight SMU has a simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface, rich functions and features, which help to measure easily and quickly. It can be remotely controlled through USB and LAN interfaces.

For more SMU details and technical support, please contact Semight Instruments.

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