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Wafer Level Reliability


Wafer Level Reliability Test System

WLR0100 is a standard high-temperature reliability test system for semiconductor wafer level devices provided by Semight Instruments. It provides high-precision, high-voltage output which can store and record high-precision current for a long time, and tests related functions of devices.


  • Voltage range

    0-200V software settable
  • Channel hardware independent current limiting

    0-10mA software settable
  • Monitoring current sampling rate

    Minimum 10nA accuracy
    The polling of 32 products on a single board is completed in 1 second
  • Independent double temperature zone

    Up to 200 ℃
  • Single board support channel

    32 channels
  • Channel independent gear

    It can meet the accuracy and range requirements, and the channel is independent
  • Product abnormal protection function

    The equipment has overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions
  • Support nitrogen access protection

Functions and advantages

  • Burn-in Board for DIP Package

    The supporting burn-in board adopts a gold finger structure. The following figure shows a typical DIP packaged of burn-in Board.
  • The WLR0100 test software platform is a configurable platform, including the following functions:

    Support the in place pre inspection function of online products, which can detect whether the user has good plug and pull contact;
    Support flexible editing and configuration of aging reliability tasks, and conduct reliability testing;
    Provide intuitive data display and data analysis functions;
    Support user authority control, including engineer, technician and operator.

Technical Parameter

DUT DIP or TO247 Burn-in Board
Test temperature range (RT+20)℃~+200℃

Electrical parameters

Test parameters Storage of original test data, calculation results and detailed
system operation logs
Channel Up to 384 ch
Drive board Independent 32 ch current and voltage monitoring
System driver board 12 driving boards independently adjust voltage and current limiting
Vth scanning test Range:0V~200V ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±500mV;
Saturation current test ≤10mA

Leakage current range and accuracy

Range:1mA~10mA ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±50uA;
Range:100uA-1mA ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±500nA;
Range:10uA-100uA ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±50nA;
Range:1uA-10uA ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±5nA;
Range:0nA-1uA ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±500pA;
Voltage range and accuracy Range:0V~20V ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±50mV;
Range:20V~200V ,Accuracy:0.5%RD±500mV;
Data monitoring Support the monitoring of voltage and current and upload
them to PC client, detect and record the parameters of each
test station during the whole test process, and draw the output
curve and Excel data report

Temperature parameters

Test environmental conditions When the ambient temperature is+25 ℃ and there is no
sample in the test chamber and no air exchange
Test method GB/T 5170.2-2017 Temperature test equipment
Temperature range (ambient temperature+20)℃~+200℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤100℃:0.4℃; ≤200℃:0.4℃
Temperature deviation (no-load) ≤100℃:±1.5℃; ≤200℃:±2.0℃
Temperature deviation (full load) ≤100℃:±2.0℃; ≤200℃:±3.0℃

Gas parameters

Fluid N2、CO2 (Normal temperature, dry gas)

Fluid pressure

Air source pressure requirements:
≥1MPa (10kg/cm²)(101、201、301 model);
≥1.5MPa (15kg/cm²)(401 model)
Maximum allowable pressure at valve inlet:
2.0kg/cm²( 101、201、301 model);
5.0kg/cm²( 401 model)
Flow Maximum flow:30L/min(101、201、301 model); 250 L /min(401 model)
Air connection 10mmAir source interface requirements: quick plug pneumatic pipe straight,
specification φ 10mm

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