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Laser Diode Test


High Power Laser Test System

Semight Instruments High Power Laser Test System CT6206 supports the continuous or pulse mode with a current range of 10A. CT6206 is a very flexible test platform that supports CoC, CoS, CoB or TO packages, covering optical communications, industry, 3D sensors, laser radar and other applications.

CT6206 and BI6206 high-power laser BI systems share a test fixture board for automatic fixture loading and unloading, and support batch test and parallel test. It provides a very efficient platform for the mass production of high-power semiconductor lasers.


  • Good compatibility

    Share a test fixture with BI6206 high power laser BI system;
  • High test efficiency

    Support batch input and output;
    four test platforms for parallel testing;
  • Good repeatability

    High repeatability of optical measurement;
    High wavelength measurement repeatability;
    Supporting near-field and far-field test optional;
  • Support industrial low temperature

    Low temperature - 40℃ test optional;

Functions and advantages

  • System functions and advantages

    4 test seat in parallel increases test efficiency
    Suitable for ocean optical spectrometer, which can test visible light wavelength
    Single fixture temperature control, good repeatability of test data
System parameter Chip type All high power COC / COS lasers
Fixture type

Compatible with BI6206 BI system fixture 

Fixture loading and unloading

Automatic fixture loading and unloading 

Fixture ID scanning identification

Automatic fixture Barcode scanning recognition 

Parallel testing COC fixture double side parallel test
Standard sample control The software supports the standard sample control function. If the standard sample is tested on this machine for more than a time period (configurable), the system will automatically alarm
Test machine control The software supports the control function of the test machine. If the same fixture is tested on different test machines before and after aging, the software will automatically generate an alarm prompt.
Test configuration control The software supports test configuration management and control, including test instrument, test algorithm, test sequence, test result judgment, etc.
Test data Support all test data required by users / support MES related requirements
Electrical SMU type

Precision source meter

Direct current 3A
I / V source resolution


I/V Measurement resolution


Voltage range 70V
Pulse current 10A
EOS No EOS (under any normal operation and use conditions)
Optical Type of optical power measurement detector InGaAs
Optical power wavelength range 1200-1700nm(expandable to 700 ~ 1700nm)
Optical power measurement range 5mW-5000W
Optical power measurement accuracy <0.2dB

Optical spectrum measurement range

Integrated Yokogawa AQ6360 or other spectrometers

Optical spectrum measurement accuracy

Optical power coupling efficiency Coupling power > - 15dBm

Temperature control method

TEC+Water cooling system

Temperature area

4 independent temperature control areas
Temperature range 25-100℃
Temperature change speed (heating / cooling) 8℃/min
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temperature accuracy <±0.5℃
Temperature consistency <±0.5℃
Temperature stability <±0.1℃
Test parameters Ith Repeatability ±1%
Power repeatability ±2%
SE Repeatability ±2%
VF Repeatability ±3%
Wavelength repeatability <±0.1nm
SMSR Repeatability <2.5dB

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