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Burst Error Ratio Tester


10G Burst Mode Bit Error Ratio Tester

rBT2250 is a burst bit error ratio tester to evaluate 10G/25G/50G OLT (Optical Line Terminal) receiver performance in burst mode. rBT2250 provides 2 independent pattern generator/error detector channels, and provide laser enable/ receiver reset /RSSI trigger signals and SD signal detect function. With Build-in burst clock data recovery, clock would be recovered from the burst data every time, it is a must in long fiber testing. The high integration multi-channel design of rBT2250 make it the best choice for burst bit error ratio analysis.


  • Multi-rate

    Burst Rate:9.953/ 10.3125/12.4416/
    24.8832/ 25.78125 Gbps
  • Support Combo-PON test

    Dual reset signal, support Combo-PON test
  • SD Test

    Individual LOS monitoring/SD monitoring/LOS judgment for each channel
  • Built-in clock recovery

    It can work in a real long-fiber environment, avoiding the influence of long-fiber on delay and jitter

Features and Benefits

  • Upport burst test of Combo-PON,
    Double reset signal, the reset position is adjustable, Combo-pon must have 2 reset signals;
  • Double packet test

    Each data packet has different attenuation, there are transitions between the phases of different data packets, and there are long consecutive "1" and "0" in the data packet.
    Need to simulate the worst 2 ONU signal generation;
  • Built-in clock recovery, support long fiber test

    The built-in clock recovery enables the rBT2250 to work in a real long-fiber working environment, which is basically impossible in other solutions commonly used in the industry, because those systems do not support clock recovery and cannot adapt to the effects of long-fiber on delay and jitter.
Pattern Generator Specifications Output


AC coupling, 100 Ω Termination
Single End AC coupling, 50 Ω termination
Output Amplitude 300-600 mVp-p


Output Channel
2 in-depended Burst Channels

Burst/Continuous mode

1 Continuous Channel
(25G NRZ/50G NRZ)

Continuous mode
Pattern PRBS7,23,31,User Defined,CID pattern
Support data rate 9.953/10.3125/12.4416/24.8832/25.78125 Gbps
Rise Time <20 ps 20%~80%
Jitter <1 ps RMS

Support Pre-Cursor & Post Cursor adjustment to minimize testing fixture or RF cable insertion loss

Pattern Sequence

Each Channel can be set preamble/payload/guard-time pattern sequence in-dependently

CID code type

Support add continuous “1”,continuous “0” pattern as length from 64-128 bits (adjustable)

connector type

2.92 mm female, 50 Ω

Clock/ Trigger and control channel Trigger output

Support Frame Trigger output

Clock Output

1/2、1/4、1/8、1/16 divided clock output

Laser Enable Channel

Support 2 laser enable control channel outputs( each enable control channel is synchronized with Pattern Generator channel)

Enable Output Level TTL level, support high/low enable and continuous High/Low

Reset Channel

Support 2 reset channel outputs (reset channel is synchronized with error detector channel)

Reset Width


Reset Position

Adjustable, support Auto-Range to find the right reset position

RSSI Trigger out

Support RSSI trigger (adjustable for RSSI trigger pulse width/repeat frequency and position)

Bit Error Detector Specifications Input type

Differential/Single end

Data Rate 9.953/10.3125/12.4416/24.8832/25.78125 Gbps
Impedance 100 Ω

Input Amplitude Range

100~800 mVp-p
Sensitivity >100 mV
Clock Mode

Internal burst clock data recovery unit


Auto-synchronization and Auto-range

Connector 2.92 mm female, 50 Ω


  • rBT1250 X-PON突发信号误码测试仪-使用说明书

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