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Wafer Level Reliability


Standard damp heat

Semight Instruments EDH3101W standard damp heat burn-in system can be used in the long-term reliability tests of HBT and pHEMT (enhanced/depleted) devices made of different materials in high temperature and high humidity environments. The Vds/Vce power provided by the EDH3101W standard damp heat burn-in system can be provided by the secondary driver board power supply, and the Vgs/Vbe burn-in voltage can be provided by the self-made adjustable system according to the feedback control of the Ids/Ice current value. During the test, the system can be used to make the Ids/Ic current and Vds/Vce voltage of each test station constant automatically, to ensure that each test station can be automatically adjusted to the same test conditions and to adjust the current at the ds/ce terminal in real time and to monitor the voltage and current of gs/be and ds/ce terminals, thereby, the function of reliability burn-in screening can be implemented.


  • High-capacity

    A total of 216 dip packages are supported for aging
  • Complete monitoring parameters

    Including monitoring GS / be voltage and current, DS / CE voltage and current
  • High temperature and high humidity reliability

    Constant IDS / ice control aging function
  • Graphically display different monitoring parameter values

    Including temperature, GS / be voltage and current, DS / CE voltage and current
  • Support software customization development

    Can connect to customer MES system and database
  • Anti stupidity function

    Support door opening alarm, door opening power failure, etc
  • Data protection

    Built in UPS power supply to effectively protect the loss of abnormal data during aging

    It meets EOS and ESD protection and EHS requirements

Functions and advantages

  • The software interface is simple and intuitive

    The EDH3101W test software platform of Semight Instruments is a configurable platform with a simple and intuitive user interface.

System function

Dimension (mm)

Support fixture type Standard DIP fixture
Number of to supported by the system 218
System temperature zone Two independent temperature zones
SN batch input Support bar code identification on fixture and batch input of product SN
MES system interface

Support the software to custom, develop and dock with the customer's MES system and database

Data saving Save the original test data, calculation results and detailed log of system operation
System power supply 380V
Temperature control Temperature rangRoom temperature to 85 ℃

Temperature ramp up speed

>3 ℃ / min (no load)
>1.5 ℃ / min (full load)
Temperature control accuracy 0.1℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Temperature uniformity (product position at 9 points in space) ± 2 ℃ full load (≤ 80 ℃)
Electrical parameters Drive plate type

Independent operation and control of each channel

VGS/VBE Voltage range -5V~5V           accuracy<1%FS
IGS/IBE Current range -2mA~2mA     accuracy<1%FS
VDS/VCE Voltage range 0~15V            accuracy<1%FS
IDS/ICE Current range 0~100mA       accuracy<1%FS

Constant IDS/ICE burn-in function

Automatically adjust VGS / VBE to make IGS / ice constant current aging
Safeguard Power off under normal operation Normal

Power on undernormal operation


Power failure under mains electricity


Power on under mains electricity

ESD Use anti ESD materials
Surface resistance:1×10^5Ω< X<1×10^9Ω;
Friction voltage:<100V; Grounding;
All isolated conductors in the system must be grounded, all instruments must be grounded, the rack must be grounded, and the grounding resistance<4ohm
The mouse and keyboard need ESD protection

There are no sharp edges and corners and no risk of leakage in the equipment

Clean The system is free of chips, paint and rust

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