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CoC Sorting System

Semight Instruments CoC Sorting System AL6201 is an automatic CoC loading and unloading equipment specially designed for CoC BI system. The modular design is adopted, so that the product can be quickly installed, disassembled, maintained and switched. AL6201 can automatically load CoC or CoS into the BI fixture, directly put the BI fixture into the CoC BI system for BI or into the CoC test system for testing. Moreover, AL6201 can also be used as a separate sorting system of bare chip or CoC independently.


  • Fast

    Single product loading < 7S, unloading < 6S;
  • High-precision

    Automatic loading and unloading position accuracy  ± 50um;
    The maximum force of the suction nozzle is adjustable, no more than 24g;
  • High-success

    One time success rate of loading & unloading >99.5%
  • Good scalability

    Optional sorting according to the test results

Functions and advantages

  • Powerful hardware function

    Chipid identification
    Automatic positioning
  • Rich software functions and humanized operation interface

    Support the configuration of loading / unloading mode, material box mode, and parameter Setting of all motion axes and cameras;
    Support full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual debugging mode selection;
    Support configuration database,
    MES interface can be provided according to customer requirements.

System Specification

Maximum CoC size <5X5mm
Minimum suction nozzle vacuum area 100um X 100um
Number of Gel Pak Up to 8 for 2 inches (excluding blue film)
Number of blue films 1 for 6 inches
Number of BI fixtures 4
ID recognition success rate 99% (no obvious defect or occlusion on ID )
CoC loading time 7s/pcs
CoC unloading time 6s/pcs
One-time success rate of transfer 99%
Loading and unloading position accuracy <±50um
Adaptive range of incoming angle ±30 degree
Suction force of nozzle <24g adjustable
Assembly accuracy
X-axis accuracy Position accuracy±20um, repeat accuracy±3um
X axis accuracy of left loading movement Position accuracy±20um, repeat accuracy±3um
Y axis accuracy of left loading movement Position accuracy±20um, repeat accuracy±3um
Right loading Y-axis accuracy Position accuracy±20um, repeat accuracy±3um
Right loading rotary shaft Position accuracy 0.1 degree, repetition accuracy ± 0.05 degree, resolution 0.01 degree
Position camera 3.7um/pixel

Other Parameters

System size(mm) 1280*1010*1870(L*W*H)
Compressed air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Input power supply AC200-240V,50/60Hz 10A
System weight <500kg
Computer manufacturer Advantech
Operating system Microsoft Windows 7/10
Software platform Microsoft .Net
Software language C#
Database SQL

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