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Laser Diode Test


RT & HT Die tester

Semight Instruments RT & HT Die tester CT8201 is for LIV scanning test, EA scanning test and spectral scanning test of photoelectric characteristics of semiconductor DFB or EML laser at two different temperatures of normal temperature and high temperature. The system is mainly composed of six parts: wafer supply area, chip handling area, chip position correction area, chip OCR extraction area, chip testing area, and chip storage area. The system integrates wafer ring loading, transportation, DUT ID scanning, normal/high temperature testing, unloading, and sorting.
CT8201 supports laser forward and backward photoelectric test and forward light spectrum test. Support two temperature zone tests: two test platforms to support high temperature/normal temperature test.
The test efficiency of CT8201 is very high, and the above 6 processes can be completed within 6s (EML laser efficiency will increase according to different test items). Ideal for high volume production applications. The system adopts eccentric cam structure, high-precision linear motor, high-repeatability stepper motor gauge, high-precision fixture, high-stability power-on probe and high-thermal-conductivity stage, making it ultra-high precision and stability.


  • Fully automated and intelligent integrated solutions

    Highly integrated and fully automated solution covering very complex testing processes
  • High efficiency

    Improve efficiency and reduce potential risks of human involvement
    Automatic switching of collimated fibers and large area photodetectors
    Automatic sorting of DUTs after testing
  • Maintenance and upgrades are very simple

    All mechanical parts can be returned to the factory independently
  • Easy to use

    Automatic alarm status and prompt display,
    All instruments, test plans, pass/fail criteria are easily configurable

Features and Benefits

  • Fully automated and intelligent integrated solutions

  • Loading module

    This module consists of thimble Z module, X/Y motion module, and blue film rotation module 4 sub-function modules. Pickup function.
    Compatibility mode of Chip package: 1 x 6-inch chip expansion ring.

  • High temperature and normal temperature test module

    This module consists of a hollow rotating platform, two 3-axis chip calibration modules on the front and back, and a 3-axis light detection module, with an ID/position recognition camera above the module, and Power on the probe to adjust the module, complete the calibration of the position and angle after feeding, and power on the chip test. The PD/collimator uses a motion axis for fast switching of functions.
    The temperature of the test bench can be independently set according to the process, and the temperature is stable<±0.2℃.

  • Camera and probe power-on module

    The loading camera on the right side of the device is matched with the loading module to complete the loading recognition function of the Chip (different functional components can be matched according to the requirements of incoming materials) The camera above the high/normal temperature test module (in the middle of the device), after the chip feeding action is completed, the position calibration of the chip is completed by taking multiple pictures with the 3-axis motion module (the high temperature camera synchronously completes the ID identification of the chip).
    Probe power-on adjustment module, each set is equipped with up to 3 sets of probes (backlight PD sub-function module is optional), different combinations can be used to test related parameters such as LIV/extinction ratio of DFB/EML products.

  • Blanking binning module

    The blanking module is equipped with 4 tray placement areas, which can support 4,6-inch blue films, Or customize compatible unloading carriers according to customer needs.
Parameter Type Parameter name Parameter index
System parameters Chip type Support DFB, EML and EML+SOA chips
Chip size L&W≥150 μm, H≥80~150 μm

Test Seats

Test items Front/back IL, WL
Test parameters Ith, Se, Iop, Pf, Vf, Kink, Rs, IRoll, λc, SMSR etc.

Auto OCR

Nip Specially designed suction nozzle structure, first peeled from the material box, and then sucked up

Loading Container

1 6-inch blue tap

Unloading Container

4 6-inch blue taps


Support any requirements customer need

Standard sample control The software supports the standard sample control function. If the standard sample is tested on the local machine unit exceeding the time cycle (configurable), the system will automatically give an alarm
Test configuration control The software supports test configuration control, including test instruments, test algorithms, test sequences, test results judgment, etc.
Test Data Support all test data requested by users/support MES related requirements
Electrical indicators SMU Type

Semight self-developed SMU or other specified types

DC Current

3 A
I/V source resolution 10 fA/100 nV
I/V Measurement resolution 10fA/100nV Minimum Supply Resolution (6½ digits)
Voltage range 70 V
Pulse current 10 A
Overcharge under normal operating  No EOS
Under normal operating No EOS

Overshoot under Abnormal Operation


Undershoot under Abnormal Operation

Optical index Detector Type Ge
Wavelength range800~1700 nm
Optical power measurement range 10 μW-25 mW(>25 mW with attenuation plate )
Optical power measurement accuracy 0.1 dB

Optical Spectrum Range

1250-1650 nm (850 is an option)

Optical Spectrum Accuracy

Power coupling efficiency Coupled power >-15 dBm

0.2 dB
Temperature control index Temperature control method TEC
Temperature range 25~95 ℃
Temperature zone 40 ℃/min
Temperature drop rate 2 independent temperature control zones (dual stage)

Ramp up speed

40 ℃/min

Ramp down speed

40 °C/min
Temperature accuracy ±0.5 ℃
Temperature stability ±0.2 ℃

System Parameter

Ith Repeatability ±1%
Power repeatability ±2%
Wavelength repeatability <±0.2 nm
SMSR Repeatability <3 dB
OCR success rate 99%
Test time <6s to finish all operations, including loading, OCR, 1 times LIV, 3 times Spectrum, unloading and sorting

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