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Bit Error Ratio Tester


4x10G Bit Error Ratio Tester

4 parallel 10g NRZ channels
Support 350m~15g rate
Fast rising and falling edge
Low jitter


  • Wide speed range

    Support 350Mbps ~15Gbps standard test rate
  • Support parallel testing

    Four channels can be tested independently or synchronously
  • High speed clock output

    Provide half rate clock (high speed) and sub trigger signal output (low speed)
  • Built in clock recovery

    Built in clock data recovery of each channel

Functions and advantages

  • Agreement Rate
    Ethernet 1.25Gbps/2.5Gbps/9.953Gbps/10.3125Gbps
    Fiber 4.25Gbps/8.5Gbps/14.025Gpbs
    G.984.2 622Mbps/2.488Gbps
    InfiniBand 2.5Gbps/5Gbps/14.0625Gbps
    SONET/SDH 622Mbps/2.488Gbps/9.953Gbps/10.709Gpbs/11.096Gbps

    It covers a wide range of rates and supports a variety of protocols

Pattern Generator Technical


Type of output Differential AC coupling; 100 Ω terminal
Single ended AC coupling; 50 Ω terminal
Output amplitude 100~1200mVpp


Rise Time 30ps 20%~80%
Shake 1.5ps Root mean square (RMS) jitter
9ps Peak-to-peak Jitter
Clock channel The front panel provides half rate differential clock and frequency division trigger signal output

Bit Error Detection Channel

Input type Differential / single ended
Impedance 100Ω
Input amplitude range 800mVpp
Sensitivity <100mV
Clock mode Built-in Clock Recovery
Synchronization Automatic phase synchronization by level
Connector 2.92mm Female50Ω
General indicators work

 0°C~+55°C30%~80% Relative Humidity with no condensation 


-30°C~70°C10%~90% Relative Humidity with no condensation 


Operation0m to 2000m

Storage0m to 4600m

Power Supply



Size 448*214*83mm(with foot pad/handle)

Net Weight 5.0 kg

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